Please pray that Kristin Braga is blessed with a child ... thank you so much
In thanks giving for Betsy’s good news and for her total recovery. Thank you
Please pray
For a wonderful gentleman just retired and now diagnosed with aggressive brain tumor. For his total R3VOVERY. Thank you
Please pray
Sr Regina Kuizon, RGS — Province leader of Philippines/Japan had surgery for CA ... may she be totally healed! Thank you for your fervent prayers.
Betsy Babinecz
Please pray for Betsy Babinecz who fell and broke her arm ... hoping no surgery is needed. Thanks!
Please pray for TAHSIN who had hip surgery. For his total recovery and well-being and for his family. Thank You.
Jeanne Frantz
Please include Jeanne Frantz in your prayers as she undergoes radiation. For her total recovery and well being, Thanks ...
Please pray for JEANNINE whose blood count needs to be normal and may need spleen surgery. For her well being and total recovery. THANK YOU
Paul Dufek
Please pray for Paul Dufek as he battles a devastating illness. For his family, esp. for Tom. Thanks!
Catherine Maranto
Please pray for CATHERINE MARANTO who has been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. For courage and total recovery. Thank you.
please pray for little 2-year old Caroline who has surgery on April 27 that will remove a growth in her throat ... Thank You
Please pray for Eileen (Sr. Leonard's niece) who has been diagnosed with pancreatic CA … for courage and strength, for peace of mind and total well being. Thank You
Abbot Thomas Keating, ocso
Fr Thomas Keating has been flown to St Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, MA, so that he can receive better care 24/7. Please pray for him and his caregivers. Thank you
Sr Anne Juryak
May eternal rest and light by with Sr Anne Juryak who died last night, March 25
Eileen Fannon
Please pray for eternal peace on EILEEN FANNON ... for the comfort of her family especially Jean and John and Sr. Maureen. Thank You.
Eternal Peace
for the eternal repose of the soul of ROSE MARY SAVINO; and for the healing of ELAINE VOGEL. Thanks so much
please pray for BILL who will have a new pacemaker inserted into his heart and all the complications/consequences this will entail. For all the intentions of Patti, as well, please. Thank You
Please pray for a dear lady whose biopsy has tested positive. For her upcoming surgery and for her total recovery. Thanks so much.
Please pray for SARAH who has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. For her well being and total recovery. For her family. Thanks sooo much
Joseph Guarrera,
Please pray for the eternal repose of Joseph Guarrera. For his wife and for his mother, Karen McGovern and for all those who loved Joseph. Thank You