Thomas Guerrera
Please pray for THOMAS, a 15-year old diagnosed with leukemia. For his family especially Karen. Thank you
Anne Muriel
Please pray for ANNE MURIEL who needs surgery. Thanks so much
Sr Virginia Fowler
Please pray for Sr Virginia Fowler, Good Shepherd contemplative sister who died in Toronto, Canada last night, Holy Thursday around 11 pm. For Peace and eternal Beatitude. Thank you so much.
Please continue praying for CHERYLand her family; for security in her job especially. Thank you.
Please pray for MARGOT that she is able to sell her house, etc. May all things be well for her and her family! Thank you
Sr Carol Beairsto
Please continue to pray for SR CAROL BEAIRSTO who is doing poorly ... may Peace and Calm and Courage be hers in abundance! Thank you
Please pray
for TOM SCHEMBER, a Good Shepherd Mission Partner who survived a stroke yesterday for whom the next 48-72 hours are very critical. He is also the current Chair of Colliers Board. Thanks so much.
Please Pray
so fervently for SR PAT BRENNAN who starts treatment for cancer again tomorrow, Monday, March 27. Thank you so much.
John Markham
Please pray forJOHN MARKHAM who will have spinal surgery. Thanks
Gail Baker
Please pray for GAIL BAKER whose cancer has returned. Thank You
Sr. Therese Cahill
Please include in your prayers SR THERESE CAHILL who is receiving a PaceMaker today into her heart. Thank You.
Please pray for NICK, 15 years old, who is very ill with cancer. For all the intentions of STACEY. Thank you.
Continued Prayers
Please continue heartfelt prayers for JOSEPHINE D. Thank you
Please pray for TYLER, a young man who is in a coma. THANKS
Sr Thérèse Gallant
Sr Thérèse Gallant, CGS, died February 16, 2017. Please join her community in thanking God for the treasure that she was to all. Thank you.
Please pray for JOSEPHINE D. who has severe cellulitis and needs surgery. Please pray also for the intentions of Betsy. THANK YOU
Please continue to pray for AL CASELLA whose hip surgery is on Wednesday. May his continual pain of 2 years finally disappear
Prayers please
for AL CASELLA who has been in severe pain for the last couple of years. He will undergo hip replacement surgery. Please pray also for VERONICA his wife. Thank you
Please pray for all the intentions of Joseph B. Thank you.
Nancy Dufek
Please pray for NANCY TUFEK who is having surgery. For her family especially for Tom, her husband. Thank you