David Cunningham, Sr
Please pray for DAVID CUNNINGHAM, SR who suffered a major heart attack and is unconscious. His son, David, Jr is getting married in 2 weeks. Please pray for the family at this most difficult time. Thank You
Please pray for Helen who has surgery today Tuesday for CA and who is already suffering so much from MS. For her family especially Sr. Elish. Thanks so much
for David who is very ill with Alzheimer's Disease who had a stroke. For his family. Thank You
please pray for Gary, Jr who has very early dementia and for the challenges his family faces. For his wife Karen and they have 2 little boys, 6 and 4 years old. Thank You
Please pray for CATHERINE MARANTO who is ill with a rare form of cancer. For her family and friends. Thank you
Prayers please
for MAUREEN LYNOTT (Moe) whose illness with cancer continues to progress. For courage, strength and hope that goes beyond all outcomes. Thank you
Please pray for ANN who is seriously ill with cancer. For her family. Thank You
Please pray for Beth's family, her husband Ned especially who is grieving his wife's death ... Thank You
Blake Boys
Please pray for the Blake brothers, two little boys who while playing accidentally were injured ... Thank You
Kay Mooney
Please pray for the total recovery of KAY MOONEY ... hank you!
URGENT REQUEST for PRAYERS for BETH ADAMSON who was hit by a truck last evening while crossing the road - she had major surgery and is in ICU currently. For her husband, Ned. Thanks!
Please pray for JACKIE (25 years old) who is in a diabetic coma and has been rushed to MASS General Hospital. Thanks!
Please pray that Kristin Braga is blessed with a child ... thank you so much
In thanks giving for Betsy’s good news and for her total recovery. Thank you
Please pray
For a wonderful gentleman just retired and now diagnosed with aggressive brain tumor. For his total R3VOVERY. Thank you
Please pray
Sr Regina Kuizon, RGS — Province leader of Philippines/Japan had surgery for CA ... may she be totally healed! Thank you for your fervent prayers.
Betsy Babinecz
Please pray for Betsy Babinecz who fell and broke her arm ... hoping no surgery is needed. Thanks!
Please pray for TAHSIN who had hip surgery. For his total recovery and well-being and for his family. Thank You.
Jeanne Frantz
Please include Jeanne Frantz in your prayers as she undergoes radiation. For her total recovery and well being, Thanks ...
Please pray for JEANNINE whose blood count needs to be normal and may need spleen surgery. For her well being and total recovery. THANK YOU