Fervent Prayers please
please pray for a friend who is in such need of physical and emotional healing. Also for RYAN who is in need of help and prayers. Thanks so much!
please pray for total healing for ELSIE GO-NG. Thanks so much!
Daniel Copperman
Your fervent prayers are requested for DANIEL COPPERMAN, a young man who has a brain anomaly ... he is quite despondent about ever getting well. For his therapist, Chera Finnis and all those who care for/ love him. THANK YOU
Wooley Family
Please pray for blessings of health and peace on Lourdes and Jonathan Wooley ... THANK YOU
PLease pray for TEA DURANTI, a 9-year old little girl having a kidney transplant surgery, tomorrow, (Dec 18) in Rome. Thanks!
Please pray for eternal peace and joy for ERICA, sister of Angie Clement. May she forever be in the embrace of our loving God!
Edward T Canavan
Please pray for EDWARD T CANAVAN who has a rare disease that affects muscles and nerves and hardly able to move. For his family especially June Taylor. Thank You
Sr Therese
Please pray for Sr. Maureen Therese McGroddy who is unwell and needs all our prayers. Thank You.
Urgent Prayers please
for CHRISTINE COHEN who has been diagnosed with serious illness; for MONICA ZEALAND with a rare form of CA; for DAVID FITZPATRICK who has 3 young boys but is very ill and for his wife Teresa. Thank You.
Jeannine and Suzette
Please pray for JEANNINE and SUZETTE who are very ill and in extreme pain; for their families. Thank you
Dawn Burke
please pray for DAWN BURKE who is very ill. For a total return to good health. Thank you
JoEllen Lynch
for peace and strength on JoEllen Lynch as she journeys home to God. Thanks
Please pray for Barbara Zmich. Thanks!
Let us pray with OLIVIA, 6 years old, ill, and disabled. For all of the intentions of Christine Delcuore. Thanks
Award of a Grant
Let us pray that the Maria Droste Services in Quincy be awarded a Grant that they most need. Thank You.
Families who need our prayers
Let us remember in our fervent prayers the Wallace, Carol and Reeves families who lost sons in their twenties to suicide. May they be surrounded by God's mercy and care. Thank you.
Hurricane survivors
Let us continue to pray for those who continue to suffer the havoc wrought by Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria. Let us continue to be good stewards of our Common Home, giving Mother Earth the protection and care we owe her.
Please pray for NORMAN REMSON whose surgery is tomorrow, the 22nd of August. For his total recovery. Thank you
Please pray
for the reposes of the souls of PHIL AND JIM Carney and for their families who grieve at their passing. for MARY BLAKE their sister. Thank You
please pray for a successful resolution for JUN GRUTA. For his mom and all the family intentions. Thank you so much