Request for Prayer
Please pray so earnestly for SUZETTE HOYE who will undergo a most serious surgery. For her well-being, her family and medical staff. Thank You
Please pray for all the victims of gun violence and terror acts in the Philippines; for their families and their killers. For peace and reconciliation and the path of non-violence for all. Thank you.
Urgent Prayers please
for JUN GRUTA and his well-being; for Mama Gruta, her safety and good health. Thank you.
Many Intentions
for all the intentions of Joseph Braganza esp. for the health and well-being of JOHN FERNANDES. Thank you.
Sr. Thérèse Veloso
Please pray for SR THÉRÈSE VELOSO who is in deep pain, unable to speak and paralyzed for the last 6 months ... Thank You.
Prayers please
for Eternal Light and Peace on Joseph Kelble who will be waked Thursday (Dolan-Milton) and Mass-Friday- St Agatha. Pray for his Wife- Catherine. For my Mom who returns from rehab today. Thank You.
Prayers please
for LILIAN HRISINKO and successful treatment of bone cancer recurrence; and for DONNA and BOB who struggle with illness and aging. Thank you
Paddy Denault
Please pray for PADDY who has been diagnosed with cancer and Parkinson's Disease. May she be restored to full health. For Paul and their children. Thank you .
Centroamerica Chapter
Prayers are requested for the May 22-28 of the Province of Central America. Thank You
Please pray for JESSY who has eye surgery today. For her family, esp. Monique. Thank You.
Diana Day
Please pray for a dear friend, DIANA DAY, who has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. May full health be restored to her. Thank you.
May eternal Light and Peace be with PATRICIZIA MANTURANO, the Secretary for the English language at the Generalate who died May 12. She is sorely missed.
Please include in your prayers PATTY CHISANO and all her intentions. Thank you.
Please pray for JESSY who will have additional eye surgery on May 22. She is a child-victim of the Syrian wars. Thank you
Central America Chapter
Please pray for the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Central America who will be having their chapter in Costa Rica in 2 weeks. Thank You
Thomas Guerrera
Please pray for THOMAS, a 15-year old diagnosed with leukemia. For his family especially Karen. Thank you
Anne Muriel
Please pray for ANNE MURIEL who needs surgery. Thanks so much
Sr Virginia Fowler
Please pray for Sr Virginia Fowler, Good Shepherd contemplative sister who died in Toronto, Canada last night, Holy Thursday around 11 pm. For Peace and eternal Beatitude. Thank you so much.
Please continue praying for CHERYLand her family; for security in her job especially. Thank you.
Please pray for MARGOT that she is able to sell her house, etc. May all things be well for her and her family! Thank you