Moe and John Lynnot
For Moe whose kidney transplant from her brother John May continue to total and full recovery for both .... thanks so much!
Please pray for Dennis who has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer. For his complete healing and for courage and grace for him and Betsy. Thank You
Fr Johnston
Please join in prayer for FR JOHNSTON who suffered another heart attack after a most painful hip surgery. For healing, wholeness and confidence in God's healing love. Thank you so much
Mary and Helen
Please pray that Mary's upcoming conversations bring peace, wholeness and understanding; in thanksgiving for Helen's total recovery and well-being and for all the intentions of Sr. Elish. Thank You
Leslie Ménard
Please pray that the spine surgery for Leslie will lead to full recovery including being able to walk normally again. Thank You.
Please pray for the eternal rest, peace and unending JOY for Lisa Stokes-Velez. For the comfort of her family. Thank you.
Prayers please
Please pray for JEFF, LINDA and ANDREA all of whom have painful and serious medical issues. For courage and grace for their families. Thank you
Please remember in prayer MRs Elisa Teodicio Kuizon (mother of Sr Gina Kuizon of the Philippine-Japan Province) who died February 9. For the comfort of the family ... and for God's embracing consolation for them. Thanks so much!
Ann and Jim Becker
Please pray for ANN AND JIM BECKER who have serious health issues ... for healing and total recovery! Thank You!
Mrs Folchetti
Please pray very especially for Mrs Folchetti (Janet’s Mom) who fell and broke her hip and is currently in rehab. Thanks so much
Fervent prayers please for MARCIA and for all the people served at Maria Droste, Quincy. Many thanks!
Lucille O'Connor
Please pray for Lucille O’Connor whose leg had to be amputated for medical reasons. For a full recovery and total well-being. For her family please also pray. Thanks.
Request for Prayers please
Please pray for JOSE and MARIA DELGADO -- Jose is currently battling leukemia in the ICU; and please pray for the CEBALLOS family who is struggling after surviving a fire and the implications of federal layoffs. Thank you very much
Joyce Flood
Please pray for Joyce who is ill with pneumonia. For her daughter Maureen and all the family intentions. Thank you.
Barbara Jean Mecca
Please pray for BARBARA JEAN MECCA who is feared to be diagnosed with ALS. She has 2 little children ... for the family and for total recovery. Thank You
Please pray for a peace-filled end to the sufferings of CHARLIE, for trust and peace and courage. Thanks. For the family.
Veedia Snell
Please pray for Veedia Snell who has some blood infection issues. For Cindy, her daughter and for the family. Thanks.
Donald Urbanke
Please pray for peace and rest for Donald Urbanke who died suddenly yesterday from an aneurysm. Donald was the uncle of Sr Debbie Drago ... please pray for the family especially for Debbie's Mom who was very close to Donald. Thank You
Please pray for Charlie, Sr. Debbie Drago's stepfather who is very ill. for Debbie's Mom and for the family. Thank You
for Zach
Zach is a 10-year old boy who has been in the hospital for 2 months for depression. For Alicia, his Mom. for Peace and strength. Thank You