St. Mary Magdalene



What, then, is good news today? If for Frederick Douglass the question was what, to the slave, is the fourth of July, then what, to a woman of color in the US of the 21st century, the age of #Metoo, and family separation, what to us is the feast of Mary Magdalene? How can we, in these dark days, celebrate women and women’s leadership, when our sisters and our children are cut down at every turn? Who is this woman who we claim to be a towering figure in Christianity, the apostle to the apostles, the friend of Christ? Where is she in all these narratives that border on despair?

I think we can find her if we pay attention. Remember, attention is the expression of love, and Mary Magdalene was attentive. Mary, whom Jesus called Magdalene, saw it all. She walked alongside Jesus in his best moments and stood at the cross at the absolute worst. She saw God, collaborated with God, through moments of triumph but also, and more importantly I think for us today, in moments of despair. She proclaimed the truth and stood firm when she wasn’t believed. ...

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