Barbara Jean Mecca
Please pray for BARBARA JEAN MECCA who is feared to be diagnosed with ALS. She has 2 little children ... for the family and for total recovery. Thank You
Please pray for a peace-filled end to the sufferings of CHARLIE, for trust and peace and courage. Thanks. For the family.
Veedia Snell
Please pray for Veedia Snell who has some blood infection issues. For Cindy, her daughter and for the family. Thanks.
Donald Urbanke
Please pray for peace and rest for Donald Urbanke who died suddenly yesterday from an aneurysm. Donald was the uncle of Sr Debbie Drago ... please pray for the family especially for Debbie's Mom who was very close to Donald. Thank You
Please pray for Charlie, Sr. Debbie Drago's stepfather who is very ill. for Debbie's Mom and for the family. Thank You
for Zach
Zach is a 10-year old boy who has been in the hospital for 2 months for depression. For Alicia, his Mom. for Peace and strength. Thank You
for Ryan
Please pray for Eileen and Larry Palazza who lost their only son Ryan, found dead in an abandoned building. For years he struggled with substance abuse. For Peace and comfort and in their sorrow. Thank You
Carlos Diaz
Please pray for Carlos Diaz who has a critical cardiac illness; he faces a major surgery. Thanks so much!
Gary Jr.
Please pray for Gary, Jr who in his 30's is already struck with dementia. Please pray for his wife and his 2 young sons and for the entire family. Thank You!
Irene G
Please pray for Irene G who will have hip surgery October 30th. May the procedure be successful and her recovery total. Thank you
Burgos-Delgado Families
Please pray for the Burgos and Delgado families who have suffered incredibly from the hurricanes of Puerto Rico and New Bern, NC. Blessings upon blessings on Celia Ceballos and her loved ones. Thank You
Ron Sulewski
Let us all pray for RON SULEWSKI who is very ill in the hospital. Ron’s wife used to take care of Sr Carol Beairsto when she was so ill. Thanks
Sue Ellen Pincusoff
For the full recovery of Sue Ellen and her continued well being
Rest In Peace
For the eternal rest of Mr. David Cunningham and May his presence at the wedding of his son be a profound consolation to him and his wife. Thank you
David Cunningham, Sr
Please pray for DAVID CUNNINGHAM, SR who suffered a major heart attack and is unconscious. His son, David, Jr is getting married in 2 weeks. Please pray for the family at this most difficult time. Thank You
Please pray for Helen who has surgery today Tuesday for CA and who is already suffering so much from MS. For her family especially Sr. Elish. Thanks so much
for David who is very ill with Alzheimer's Disease who had a stroke. For his family. Thank You
please pray for Gary, Jr who has very early dementia and for the challenges his family faces. For his wife Karen and they have 2 little boys, 6 and 4 years old. Thank You
Please pray for CATHERINE MARANTO who is ill with a rare form of cancer. For her family and friends. Thank you
Prayers please
for MAUREEN LYNOTT (Moe) whose illness with cancer continues to progress. For courage, strength and hope that goes beyond all outcomes. Thank you