Peg and Allen
Please PRAY for the well-being of PEG and ALLEN.  For their health, recovery.  PEACE
Please pray
for TAMI GATES -- her health and continued recovery THANKS
Please pray that I shall hear what God wants from me, and be able to respond. Thank you.
Please pray for KATIE DUNNIGAN, her HEALTH and continued RECOVERY.  For very many intentions, let us pray to the Lord!  THANK YOU
Please pray for Carol and Bill Gates -- for PEACE and total WELL-BEING.  Thank you.
Please pray for Gloria Noble
Please pray for Gloria Noble as she begins hospice care and for her husband Robert Noble as he cares for her.
May the love and tenderness of God ever surround Pauline and all those she loves.
The tests of SUSAN revealed that there is no brain tumor -- Thank you, God!  However, she might have spinal surgery.  So your prayers are most needed and appreciated!  For her mom and her family, please pray so especially.  Thanks.
Please pray for the repose of the soul of Claire -- may eternal peace and light be hers!  For those who loved her, esp. Bev.  THANK YOU
Prayers please for the Up-coming Provincial Chapters of the following Units. Thanks
Northeast Asia Oct 18-27 Sri-Lanka/Pakistan Nov 1-9 Central East India/Nepal-South West India Nov 13-25
Rachel's Vineyard Retreat at Caritas Christi Center, Hamden, CT
Please pray for healing to occur for the participants of this retreat. Also, for those who are working to make this retreat possible. Thank You!
Please pray for the intentions of Douglas Schulte: Micah and Katie, Julianna and for the PR Foundation.  THANKS.
Please include in your prayers KATHLEEN and the centering prayer group of CT.  Thank you.
Please keep Kaitlin, in your prayers; for a good job and her health.  Thanks.
Please Pray
Please pray for Mary Wessling and the entire Wessling Family.
Your Urgent Prayers Please
Please pray for Claire who is nearing death.  For Bev and her daughter Susan who is feared to have a malignant brain tumor.  For Pauline.   May God's mercy and comfort surround all our loved ones.  THANK YOU.
Brian Langdon
Please pray for the well being of Brian Langdon.
Good Health and fullness of Blessings
Please pray for the fulness of blessings on and good health of Sr. Theresa Goretti and Sr. Elba Lai.  Thanks so much.  Please pray also for the blessings of peace and the grace of a holy death for Sr. Domenica Rinaldi; for her family and devoted friends.  Thanks!
Full Recovery
Please pray for full health for John Kindschuh; for his wife Cindy and their 2 small children.  THANK YOU!
Kaitlyn and Bill
for the well-being and good health of Kaitlyn and Bill as they prepare for marriage -- may they have a long and happy life together.  THANK YOU