Please continue Praying
Kyle Crews, son of Rogers CFO at Maryhurst, is now off the ventilator, but is very weak and remains in the hospital. Thank you for your continued prayers. Melinda
Please pray for the soul of Sra. Maria Elena, the mother of our dear Reina who suddenly died. May she be in the eternal embrace of our loving God and her loved ones comforted by God's peace.
Prayers Please
Please pray for Jean Burns, Gina Tracey, Mary Ellen and Mary Ann.  Thanks soooo much.
Prayers please
Please pray in thanksgiving with Sr. Josephine Anne Cochrane who celebrated her 100 birthday yesterday. Also for her sister Bridie who was 97 the day before yesterday and who remains in hospital. Many thanks Regina
Prayers please for
Dr. Michael Capobianco and for hs wife Teresa; for Wendy Duffelmeyer and Joan.  Thank you.
Please pray for Drixie. She is sick.
Please pray for all the intentions of GISHA.  for PEACE and success.  Thank You
Please pray for George and Mary Anne. Thanks
Auntie Re and Chris
Auntie Re is 66 & caring for 87 hospice care mother with limited resources; also supporting 26 old nephew Chris penniless lost both parents and developed malignant lymphoma - underwent stem cell transplant and herniated discs; terminated from EMT unable to find work. without health care insurance.
GOD'S mercy
May God's merciful love embrace Jim, Patricia and all of Sr. Jane's family.  Thanks
please pray with and for SR ELISH during her days of retreat.  Thank you.
please continue praying for Chip and for all the intentions of Deb.  Thank You.
speciall urgent need prayer
Please pray for my family and relatives and my job.  We are in urgent need.  THANKS
please pray for David and Mary Anne.  Thanks
Please Pray
for the well-being and total recovery of SARAH LOVAS and for Amanda.  Thank you.
Total Recovey - Robbie Surprenant
PLEASE PRAY for total recovery o 12 year old Robbie Surprenant of Pembroke, MA, USA and his entire family as they struggle, fight and remain strong during his treatment and healing.
Your prayers please
for Charlie and his TOTAL HEALING; for GENE DRAGO and his family's well-being; for ANNE HEALY; for OLIVE who has leukemia; for SHARLENE KING and her family, especially her Mom; for Stacie, Monica and Jessica.  Thank you.
I fractured my right ankle on 1/7/14. Please pray for the best possible outcome.
Please pray
please pray for DR JOHN NG and for his continued total recovery.  For his children.  Thank you.
Prayers please
for: Mary Alice Moran who has heart issues and is very weak; for Chip Whitman and his children Ethan and Rosie.  Thank you.