Please Pray
Kindly remember our Good Shepherd Alumni especially those suffering from illness and loss as well as from myriad difficulties. Please pray too for Sr. Sheila as she formally retires from ministry. MANY THANKS
Please pray for Maria.  THANKS
Parish Mission
  My parish, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta in Ferguson MO, is having a Parish Mission September 29- October 3, 2013. We are asking for prayers for the success of our Parish Mission. Thank you. We will keep you in our prayers.   Blessings, Jeanne Baer
Prayer for Healing
  For the continued recovery of Neill Redrern. Also, please pray for a happy death for Mary Baker who has Leukemia and  she is no longer responding to the chemo and for  her friends who are very sad:  Mary and Mary Ellen.   THANKS    
Please pray
Please pray for Teresa Heinz Kerry
Please Pray
  Please pray for: Anthony Massei whjo has lung cancer -- he is 58 yrs old. For Helen, my sister,  who is having  more issues with the MS and  got some discouraging news today from the Doctor. For Diane Gall's intentions and for her family For Gabriel that  he will remain sober and for John that he  also  will be able  to maintain sobriety   THANKS
  I am requesting a prayer to be said for a former employee at the Home of the Good Shepherd in MN. Her name was Tracy McQuen and she worked there for numerous years in early 2000, Tracy passed away yesterday after battling a long illness. Thank You
Let Everyone Join in Prayer
  I was going to ask the whole world to  pray for Neil -- he is a friend of my nephew in Virginia and the  surgery sounds sooo serious but the doctors can do great things with God's guidance   Neill is a friend of our family. Normally a picture of health, in March he discovered he had "inoperable liver cancer". However, he has  received good medical treatment and it looks like they -can- do an operation on June 19. However, I would describe his surgery as still very risky.    Please pray for this man and his three small children, all under the age of 10.   Thanks! Frank    
    I just got a call for prayers for a four year old girl Julie Blase who has leukemia; also for  a succesful  weight loss program for Dolores who is almost crippled with arthritis THANKS  
Dear Sisters, Please pray for Cristin, for peace of mind and heart....Sheila
  Please, today, I ask for your prayers in a special way.  I still don’t know if our request for a grant has been approved… Today’s crucial, so I count on your prayers and the prayers of your community and other sisters and friends.  
  Dear Sisters, Just a short note asking for prayers for our meetings here in Rome.  Thanks!
  Dear All, Please help us pray for my husband to find a good decent job. He's been out of job for more than a year now. May God finally hear our prayers in Jesus name!   Thanks & God bless!
Good day  Please I'm on a process of discernment. I'm discerning my call to religious life.  I have a lot of fears and challenges, among it is my parents refusal to allow me embrace religious life.  Pls join me in prayers and help me with advices also. I'm grateful.  
Pleae pray for Tom Alfano ,my dear frined who died Friday, after a 14 month battle with brain cancer...I beg prayers for his wife Kathleen ....
I would like to ask you for a prayer for our very serious financial situation Thank you very much! God bless you! Maria
    I am in need of your prayers to get a better Job.My current salary is low and my family is growing.I have 2 beautiful boys.I want to be able to provide for them in a better way and save something for their future.As of now our bank balance is zero.I believe and trust God will manifest a miracle as i believe in your intercessory prayers.God bless you. Regards  
Please pray for Walter's surgery tomorrow, Friday and for his total recovery and well-being.  THANKS!
Please pray for my friend Meta who has yet to go have another surgery (CA) ... THANKS
Please pray for Kathleen and Tom ... Tom is dying of brain cancer ... THANKS