Dear Sisters, Please pray for Cristin, for peace of mind and heart....Sheila
  Please, today, I ask for your prayers in a special way.  I still don’t know if our request for a grant has been approved… Today’s crucial, so I count on your prayers and the prayers of your community and other sisters and friends.  
  Dear Sisters, Just a short note asking for prayers for our meetings here in Rome.  Thanks!
  Dear All, Please help us pray for my husband to find a good decent job. He's been out of job for more than a year now. May God finally hear our prayers in Jesus name!   Thanks & God bless!
Good day  Please I'm on a process of discernment. I'm discerning my call to religious life.  I have a lot of fears and challenges, among it is my parents refusal to allow me embrace religious life.  Pls join me in prayers and help me with advices also. I'm grateful.  
Pleae pray for Tom Alfano ,my dear frined who died Friday, after a 14 month battle with brain cancer...I beg prayers for his wife Kathleen ....
I would like to ask you for a prayer for our very serious financial situation Thank you very much! God bless you! Maria
    I am in need of your prayers to get a better Job.My current salary is low and my family is growing.I have 2 beautiful boys.I want to be able to provide for them in a better way and save something for their future.As of now our bank balance is zero.I believe and trust God will manifest a miracle as i believe in your intercessory prayers.God bless you. Regards  
Please pray for Walter's surgery tomorrow, Friday and for his total recovery and well-being.  THANKS!
Please pray for my friend Meta who has yet to go have another surgery (CA) ... THANKS
Please pray for Kathleen and Tom ... Tom is dying of brain cancer ... THANKS
PRAYER Request
  Hi Sisters,    I  just  received four  requests for prayers today :   For Brendan Walker, an eight month old baby who has some problems with his bones. His mother was on Chemo so it may have affected the  baby. For  a Mr. Calanan who has Colon Cancer and has  had surgery -- please  pray that they got it all and that they can reverse the colostomy and for Heidi whose cancer has come back and may only have four weeks to live  if this new chemo doesn't work. For John , a retired fireman, who has had a heart attack.   We are still in the process of hiring someone to take Lorraine's job so please continue to pray that t this gentleman  will accept the position as he looks like a good  fit for the agency.  We are having another meeting with him at 4pm on Thursday so  please pray!!!   Thank you all so much    
Golden Jubilee
Please remember our Contemplative Sisters in Sri Lanka as they celebrate their Golden Jubilee!  CONGRATULATIONS to all!
Urgent Prayers, please
  Please pray for an interview we are doing on Friday at 5pm  for  Lorraine's replacement.  His name is Michael -- may God direct  him and the interviewing committee to make the right decision.   Also, please pray for Nicholas and Emilia who are ill;  for Patrick who is having serious surgery tomorrow and for Bertrand Bellevue and his family.  On all of them and us, BLESSINGS OF PEACE and WELL-BEING.   Love and gratitude
Please continue to pray for JEANNIE ... for her total recovery and well-being.  Thank You.
Wisdom and guidance
Plase pray for wisdom and guidance for the search Committee in finding a good replacement for Sr. Lorraine Bernier. Also, for speedy healing for Lynda Fleming; for Victor and his foster parents that all will go well for them For Mr. Donellan that his wrist and ribs may heal quickly and completely; for the Wentworth family; for Patti who is dying of cancer; for Marcia Smith who has a very painful and chronic disease that we may be able to assist her. Please pray also for Anne Marie and Eth who have lupus; for Gabriel and John to be able to stay clean and sober. Thank you
Prayer Request
I have a prayer request for some friends directly affected by Hurricane Sandy. They are commercial fishermen fighting to regain their business having lost boats, docks and the patterns of the fish changing due to the storm. Not only has this affected their only source of income but it is affecting our township as a whole. Please pray for “Sea Isle” Rob and Warren Apel that they have a prosperous fishing season since they are just getting back to work. Also, Warren has been good to our Sisters here at Wickatunk. Thank you so much and God Bless. Christine  
Sr. Mary Hart Program
Please remember the Sr. Mary Hart Program in Boston, MA.  THANK YOU!
Prayers please
Please pray with us for Sr. Philippa, especially for a successful surgery and total and healthy recovery 
Request for Prayers
i humblly ask that God leave us out of any family conflict regarding my 3 children with my ex-husband and extended family. I ask that God grant me humillity, love, peace, joy and the gifts of the Holy Spirit .  May my children receive blessings for their studies and be healthy.  Please help us Lord according your will. Amen