PLEASE, for CRISTIN and SHEILA.  Thank You.
Well Being
Please pray for the HEALTH and WELL-BEING of Judy Nolan Simmons.  For ELIZABETH RUST
Urgent Prayers
Please pray for my cousin Lamberto Hilay who had a Hypertension attack today and is in ICU, unconscious. Thank you, 
please pray for the intentions of SR JOANNE WESTWATER'S clients and for Sr. Joanne's good health.  Thanks.
please pray for the repose of the soul of KEVIN MICHAEL DWYER.  Also for DR JOHN NG who has a serious infection.  Thanks
please pray for the new candidate of our contemplative community in Kenya -- our first!
Please continue praying with and for SR JOANNE McGOVERN; for total well-being and full recovery. Thanks.
Prayers please
for MARIA and all her intentions; for ANDREA CHRISTINE, ROBIN
Please pray
Please keep in loving prayer SR CELESTE ENGUTAN -- may she and her care-givers be surrounded with God's Love and Strength
Continue prayers please
for little Pablo and his Mom and Dad ... for all the intentions of Moira
Total Recovery
Please continue to pray with us for Sr. Susan Chia -- may her total healing contribute to the healing of our Universe
please pray for the economic well-being of PHIL CHAVEZ.  Thanks
Prayers for Retreat
for the contemplative Sisters in Kenya as they make their Advent retreat
Virac, Caanduanes
for the new evangelization and fidelity to commitments in every aspect of life
Virac, Catanduanes
for a deepened Christian life in preparation for the Ruby Jubilee of the Archdiocese
for Suzanne and the success of her clemency petition.  Thank You
for Irene and her baby and her family.  Thank You.
for Maureen and her 4-year old.  Desperate for help!  Thanks!
Great Graces
for God's tremendous graces on Maureen and Brian.  Thanks
Ellen Patton
Please pray for the well-being and continued recovery to good health of Ellen Patton.  For her family, especially her sister.  Thank you