GSIJPO: NGO Prayer Network
Russ Agosta
Please pray for Russ Agosta, a long time board member and supporter of our mission work, he is at the Cleveland Clinic recovering from surgery.
Joanne Finnorn
Please pray for our beloved board member and long-term supporter of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd Joanne Finnorn who is battling cancer yet again. Surgery scheduled for September 21, 2020.
Carlos Diaz
Please pray for CARLOS DIAZ who is very ill with complications. May he receive the gift of total healing. Thank you.
Join us in PRAYER
Please find attached the PDF file and the link to the NGO Prayer Network for September 2020 in honor of the International Day of Peace (September 21). You can also access the prayer on the JP website at the following link:
Dennis Arnold
Please pray for eternal peace on DENNIS ARNOLD, brother of our dear Sr. Yvette who died yesterday. For the consolation and peace of the family ... Many thanks!
Catherine Maranto
Please pray for deep consolation and peace for CATHERINE MARANTO as she battles with the final stages of her illness. For her husband Rob, son Beau and the entire staff at Maria Droste Services. Many thanks!
Prayer for Emily johnson
Please pray for emotional healing for Emily. She is 14 and struggles with life.
Prayer Request
Dear Sisters, Please pray for our grandnephew, Ian Shelley, who is in a medically induced coma following a motorcycle accident. He has had surgery to relieve pressure in his brain. Our family is very grateful for prayers. Our family is very grateful. Betty
Prayers for Ernesto
Please include my father, Ernesto, in your Masses and prayers today and tomorrow. He will undergo major abdominal surgery. Please help our family to storm heavens so that his surgery will be a success, and his recovery will be quick. Thank you so much, and may God bless you!
Storm heaven for my twin sister
Dear Sisters,prayer for my twin sister.She has been fighting health concerns for too long. First it was breast cancer,praise God she recovered from that.Now it is Sarcoidsosis AND Multiple Myeloma. She is the last of my siblings,from 7 now it is just the two of us. Blessings from the Good Shepherd
For my twin sister
Dear Sisters in my prayer request I didn't write my sister's name. Her name is Carolyn. Please keep her in your prayers. Multiple Myeloma and Sarcoidosis. May the Good Shepherd wrap her in His arms. Thank you, her twin, Annie
For peace and religious unity.For the Pope and all Catholics. For our near and dear ones. For our spiritual and temporal wants. For a happy married life for my daughter and for the health of her son and parents. Thanksgiving for favours received.
please pray for MAURICIO who is very ill with Covid. for his family and plasma donors. Thank you
prayer request
larry reunited with his siblings. larry 83yrs. old his wife and their 5 kids left him yrs. ago. a lady friend dayle moved in and has had brain cancer operated on recently. shes gone from hospital to hospice. st. joseph please embrace them. thank you for your prayers and caring.
Please pray for AIDEN, a 9-yr old little boy who is very ill with a rare form of blood cancer. The family is desperate. Thank You
~~Please pray that my sister, Marianne, may respond successfully to her treatment for a very painful disease ~~Please pray that my children may be reconciled in love and respect for one another and that they may have joy and peace in their hearts
Baby Rocco
Please pray fervently for Baby Rocco who has Neuroblastoma stage 4. We need a MIRACLE. Thank You!
Sinead and Helen
Please pray for SINEAD and HELEN, both nurses in Ireland and have to deal with Covid. For their safety and good health. Thank you
Please pray for all of us. Thanks.
may elm heal may mp rip may jack, jenn, elsie, gm, dju, yr all heal may JUM have success, great blessings, health and healing may MGM have motivation and healing thanks so much for my answered prayers. I am so grateful. May we all remain healthy.