Please pray for healing for Brooklyn, she is in ICU! Thank you!
Please pray for Marguerite who is having brain surgery early next week. Thank you
please pray for grace of healing and deliverance for my granddaughter Alyssa.
Please pray for Andrew (husband and Dad of two) who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Courage and strength for his family. Thank you
We pray that our wedding will push through this May 2021. We pray for the COVID-19, especially the new strain to go away and the protocols won't be as strict as of today. Thank you.
Gift of faith
Please pray for me to be filled with unwavering faith in the love and mercy of God, and for my faith to endure to the very end. Please pray for Jesus and Mother Mary to grant me all the graces needed for my eternal salvation.
The England Family
Please pray for Mrs Lynda England who has recently been diagnosed with cancer and for her husband who is also ill but in remission. May Carrie be blessed with strength, courage and peace. Thank you
Please pray for the healing and recovery for Michael J. Guadagnoli. May Jesus Christ the divine physician bring him healing in body mind and spirit. Amen
Please be assured
We pray for your father Alberto Duque very fervently ... let us continue to hope in our Savior who comes with healing and comfort especially for those who suffer. Be safe ... Advent Blessings
A Humble Request for Healing from a GS Lay Person
My father has been suffering from a rare for of cancer. He seemed to have beaten it a year ago only for it to come back and spread. I humbly beg for prayers of healing for my father, Alberto Duque.
Joyce and Dave
Please pray for Joyce and DAVE who are both very ill with COVID. Thanks
Please pray for my brother, he is going through some difficult times. Pray that he be strong.
Pray for 3 yr old Sophia
Pray for 3 yr old Sophia, my grand-daughter and her 30 yr old mother, Claire, my daughter. Pray for God's protection, light, wisdom, safety and health. They left home on 11.9.20, no one has heard nor seen them since. Pray for their safe return back to our family.
Please pray for Chris who is ill. Thanks
Please pray that JACK's radiation for skin cancer brings him back to full health like his wife Helen. Thank You
To get a good permanent job. Thank you
Please pray for Marcia who is in extreme need of help for her apartment, her son and her health. Thank you
Please pray for Marcia who is in extreme need of help for her apartment, her son and her health. Thank you
Please pray
Will you please pray for Marcos? Thank you. God bless you.
Sr Thérèse Cahill
Please pray for Sr Thérèse Cahill who will have delicate heart surgery. For her total recovery and good health. Thanks