Prayers please
for the health of Misael Mendoza and for total recovery
Prayers for my sons
Please pray that my oldest son improves his math grade and grade point average this semester. Also, I ask God to give my sons favor in school and ask that they always turn to God and thank Him.
To get a job for me.. To get good health for me
And now another urgency ... a friend from High school was having minor adjustment to her 2020 hip surgery on Friday night when she went into cardiac arrest and is now on a respirator. She’s a wonderful person and helps everyone. Her name is Carolyn Sobering.
To get full health for me
Jimmy Jordan and Mike Faline
Please pray for Jimmy Jordan and Mike Faline who are both very ill with COVID. Thank You
Urgent prayer
Please pray I will find a husband very soon. I am very lonely and overwhelmed as a single mom.
Please pray for DONNA GENOVA who has been quite ill the last couple of weeks and for her brother WAYNE who is also very ill. Thank you so much
Please pray
fervent prayers for little Aiden who is sick with leukemia and his aunt, Hippolita with colon cancer ... please pray too for their stricken families. Million thanks
Please pray this Easter I can let go of the pain and sadness I have carried since childhood that has kept me isolated from people, unable to trust others, and to offer it up to Our Father to transform into love for His purposes. Thank you and a blessed Easter to all.
Total healing for Len
Please pray for the total healing of Len Danylieko who has a series blood clots in his lungs. Thank You
College Success Prayer Request for Jysel Ayop
My college decisions will be coming next week. I applied to Stanford, Princeton, Brown, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, and Duke. I pray for success in my college journey as a potential international student. I pray to matriculate at a university best fit for me.
Please pray
Please pray for Dimutri and Maria Simon, the parents of one of our teachers. They are seriously ill in Hungary. Also, please pray for Kristi O’Donnell who has MS. For strength and for her well-being. Thank you
Please continue praying for ROBIN. for Andrea's family and their well-being. Thank you
Prayers please
please continue praying for daughter Asmita and family situations. Thank You
Kristi O’Donnell.
Please pray for a Colliers' alumna who is stricken with MS. Thanks so much
Repose of souls
Please pray for repose of souls of Sr. Mary Francesca, Sr. Mary Celine, Sr. Mary Beatrice, Fr. Olivio Miranda, Fr. Antonio Rodrigues, Ms. Victoria Conceisao and Mr. Alexio Silva.
Please pray to Jesus, Mary and Joseph to grant me the grace of genuine conversion, the grace of final perseverance and the grace of holy death. Please pray for repose of souls of Ms. Victoria Conceisao, Sr. Mary Celine, Sr. Mary Beatrice, Fr. Sergio Mascarenhas and Br. Victor Campos.
Prayer Request
Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s well-being and pray for her healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and blood pressure issues. Pray for excellent health. Pray for a long life for Lorraine, in Jesus’ name. Pray for the removal of debt regarding Lorraine, in Jesus’