Prayers Please
Please pray for STEVEN who is very ill due to allergies while being treated for a suspicious node; and for a correct diagnosis / treatment for ROSE CORRIGAN . THANK YOU
Please pray for health recovery and well-being for CAROL JONES. Thank you.
PRAYERS, please
for a very difficult divorce case; for the wife and the 2 children who face homelessness; for Peter and Allie, bullying victims and for DAMIAN. Thank you soooooooo much!
Maria Droste- Quincy
Please continue praying for the staff of Maria Droste in Quincy; for the Westwater and Bernier families, many of whom are ill. Thank You.
Eternal Beatitude
may PEACE, JOY and LIGHT be with SR. ANN TERESA as she goes home to our GOD. Thank You.
Healing for the Sick
Let us pray for EDDIE MARTIN who is very ill; for JOE CLINE who is in a coma; forKAREN HUBER LINNANE who continues her radiation treatments. For HEALING, STRENGTH and COURAGE.
Please pray for Ted and Kathleen who endure so much, very much physical pain. God bless us all.
Please pray for WILLIAM and all the intentions of Ada Rivera and Sarita Almeda. Thank you.
Please pray for EDDIE who is very ill in the hospital. For Julie and the family. Thank You
Please pray for BARBARA SHEEHAN and a tough year ahead of chemo. Thank you.
Continued Recovery
Please pray for SR. SHEILA KELLY as she continues to recover from heart surgery. Thanks so much.
Eternal Rest
We pray for eternal beatitude for MIKE MORONEY as we share in the grief of the family: Mary Ellen, Brian, Michael Patrick, Maureen and Sr. Miriam. Thank You
a young mother
Please pray for a mother with four young children who had surgery for stomach cancer. THANKS and have a Blessed Christmas!
Prayers Please
for MARIAN, 11 years old, stricken with paralysis; for SR. SHEILA KELLYwho is in ICU for heart problems. THANK YOU SO MUCH and a BLESSED CHRISTMAS TO ALL
Please pray for MIKE MORONEY who is very ill in the ICU; for his wife and for the Moroney family especially for Sr. Miriam. For Brian and his family. THANKS
Please pray for MARALIN and all the illnesses in the family especially for Ted and his wife. Thank You
PRAYERS please
for JASON TRACEY, 47 years old, who had a fatal heart attack and for his Mom who is so upset.
Prayers please
Prayers for Whole Health Healing for Frank Muscato and family as well as Colleen Whalen Berman and family. For all the intentions of Stacey Campbell. THANK YOU
Please continue praying for JANE NATOLI who had a very difficult surgery and has challenging days of recovery ahead of her. Thank You
Please continue praying for MAURA who is dealing with bone marrow problems. THANK YOU