please pray with Marc as he discerns his desire to be a Claretian Brother. Thank You
Please pray for WILLIAM HART who died today. Thank You.
Prayers please for GENEVIEVE
Please pray for GENEVIEVE who had a stroke and for her husband HUGH who was in a car crash on the way to visit Genevieve at the hospital. Thank You.
Howard Schoor
Please pray for HOWARD SCHOOR who will have to undergo multiple bypass surgery .... THANK YOU
Spinal Illness
Please pray for CATHERINE who is in extreme pain from her spine and is scheduled for surgery. For her family. Thank You
In urgent need of prayers
Please pray for PATRICIA SMITH who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is scheduled for surgery. Thanks
Prayers please
for Jeffrey and Jeanine... thank you.
So ill
Please pray for PHIL who is so ill with chemo for bone marrow cancer; for Mary and the family. Thank you.
Prayers please
for JOAN and her family; for all the intentions of DENISE C. Thank you.
Prayers please for
J.D. Humphrey who is seriously ill and might need a heart transplant; also For the family esp. Mary Baker and Gail Baker. THANKS
le vostre preghiere
Cara comunita, vorrei chiedervi le vostre preghiere, io sono cosi molto esausto...
Continued Prayers please
Please continue praying for Emily and Tom and for their baby ... that everything be WELL. Thank You!
Prayers please
for JEFFREY MENARD who has been diagnosed with colon cancer. Surgery is on November 1st. PLEASE PRAY. Thank you!
Prayers please
Please pray for Ava's Dad, MIKE McKENNA who will have prostate cancer surgery; for all the intentions of Stacey. Thank You
Please pray for EMILY and the safety of her baby. Thank You
Please pray for ELIZABETH SHERINE who is seating for her National Exams; for the family of Maseno Cleophas and Joel Bakasa
Monica Farren
Please pray for the eternal Peace and Beatitude of MONICA FARREN -- Sr. Mary Farren's beloved sister. For the family and all her caregivers.
Little Ron
Please pray for Little Ron who succumbed to his illness -- for his family esp. for our dear Sr. Anita. Thank You!
Little Baby
please pray for a tiny baby born prematurely at 5 months, weighing 1.5 lbs. and for her mom; for LOIS and CHARLOTTE. Thank you.
Please pray for FRANCISCO ANTIGUA who will have heart surgery on the 19th and for his family too. Thank You