Dina (housing and the help she needs); Ava (cooperate with her mom and see through her Dad); Kathy and her twin daughters and for their father.  THANKS
please continue to pray for the Good Shepherd Congregation Chapter Body as it continues to elect the rest of the Congregational Leadership Team.  Sr. Ellen Kelly, from the Province of New York, has just been elected as the 12th Congregational Leader.
for my DAD
please pray for Diane Powers and her family especially her DAD.  Thanks
Requests for Prayers
Please pray for Sr. Josephine Pinizzotto's niece and family.  Sr. Josephine died last June 12.  Thanks
Good Intentions
for Tina and Christopher Cunningham and whole family. Sending love and prayers!
Good Intentions
Urgent prayers please and good intentions for Christopher Cunningham, his wife and family.
Good Health
for the well-being and total recovery of Sr. Regina and Sr. Rose.  Thank You
Congregational Chapter
for the continued guidance of the SPIRIT on the Chapter Body of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd.  Thank You
Please pray for the Martin family and for DIANE GALLS
Total cure
please pray for the TOTAL CURE of Sr. Miriam and Joe McGovern.  For strength and well being.  Thanks
Prayers please
for MARY LANGLEY who suffers severe depression and for her family and cousins who love her so much
for a peaceful death
please pray for Claire Hogan's mom -- for a peace-filled death and strength for the family
please accompany with PRAYER and BLESSINGS the Congregational Chapter of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd at the Motherhouse in Angers from June 7-July 2.  Thanks so much!
Prayers please
for SANDY, her PEACE and well-being; for her daughter KIM.   Thanks 
prayers please
for JOE McGOVERN -- for his continued recovery and total healing.  Thanks
prayer request
Please pray for Jana: for PEACE and WHOLENESS
for total healing for MICHAEL BARRONNE; for his wife Barbara.  Also, for MARY BLAKE and a correct diagnosis.  THANKS
Please pray for MGC who would like to retire....if he is able to afford it.   Some obstacles just now... Also please pray for my Grandson, Thor, who will be going away to college in August.
I need one more big time prayer. Her name is Alexandra, she is in her early thirties and she is suffering from polycystic kidney disease. She also has lots of emotional issues.