Let us join the world in praying for Egypt especially for those who have lost lives and await for the blessings of PEACE,
Please pray for Mark Milliken who sustained serious injuries after an auto accident. He also has cancer: so lots to pray for. THANK YOU
Core Team
Please pray for the intercessors of the Trinity core team.  God Bless You!
Please pray for the well being and complete recovery of REY REYES who had a heart attack.  For his family, let us pray.  THANKS Please also pray for CARLOS QUIROZ who died suddenly.  For his family, especially for his Dad.  Thank You.
Please pray for VIVIAN T. as she prepares for eye surgery.  May she be surrounded by God's peace and healing Presence.  Thank You!
Sri Lanka
  Je suis sûre que vous avez entendu parler des assassinats perpétrés au Sri Lanka. Je vous serais reconnaissant si vous envoyez la pétition pour les signatures à tous les contacts de Justice et Paix. C'est une façon pour nous d'être solidaires avec le peuple qui souffre.   J'ai visité l'endroit aujourd'hui. Nos sœurs se trouvent dans cette région, où l'armée a attaqué des civils qui protestaient en demandant à avoir de  « l’eau propre ».   Beaucoup de gens ont été attaqués, à l'heure actuelle trois garçons qui regardaient la manifestation ont été tués.   Certaines personnes sont venues se refugier dans le couvent pour se protéger. L'usine qui est la cause de la pollution de l'eau est fermée à l'heure actuelle (temporairement)... Nous avons visité les familles de deux garçons (de 17 et 19 ans) qui sont morts au cours de ces violents événements.  Demain (jeudi 8 août), nous avons une manifestation pacifique, une manière d'être en solidarité avec le peuple que souffre mais aussi pour demander justice et l’arrêt de la violence de la part des militaires. Nous vous demandons de prier pour nous. Josita Corera, RBP  
Sri Lanka
  Estoy segura de que habrá oído acerca de los recientes asesinatos en Sri Lanka. Estaría agradecida si por favor envía la petición de firmas para todos los contactos de JP. Es una manera para nosotras de estar en solidaridad con el pueblo que sufre.  Hoy he visitado el lugar. Nuestras hermanas están también en esta zona donde el ejército atacó a los civiles que protestaban para exigir 'agua limpia'.   Muchas personas fueron atacadas y tres muchachos que estaban viendo la demostración fueron asesinados.   Algunas personas entraron en el convento también para protegerse. La fábrica que es la causante de la contaminación del agua está cerrada en estos momentos (temporalmente)... Nosotras visitamos a las familias de dos de los tres jóvenes (de 17 y 19 años) que murieron durante esta violencia.   Mañana vamos a tener una manifestación pacífica, una forma de estar en solidaridad con el pueblo que sufre, así como también para pedir justicia y que se detenga la violencia por parte de los militares. Contamos con su oración, Josita Corera, RBP  
Prayers for Sri Lanka
  I am sure you would have heard about the recent killings in Sri Lanka. I would be grateful if you please send out the petition for signatures to all JP contacts. It is a way for us to be in solidarity with the suffering people. I visited the place today. Our sisters too are in this area where the army attacked the civilians who were protesting for 'clean water'. Many people were attacked and at present three boys who were watching the demonstration have been killed.  Some people came into the convent too, for protection. The factory which is the cause for the water pollution is closed at present (temporarily)...We visited the families of two of the boys who died ( 17 & 19 years) during this violence. Tomorrow (Today, Thursday 8th August) we are having a peaceful demonstration, a way of being in solidarity with the suffering people as well as requesting for justice and the stop to military violence. Do be united with us in prayer. Blessings! Sister Josita Corera, RGS 
Please keep Sr. Felicia in your prayers for a quick rehab. Please also pray for Kathy Bernier who has breast cancer.  THANKS
Please Pray
Please continue to pray for the peace-filled death of Paul Case and for blessings of health and peace to all his care-givers.  For Thomas, 10 years old, who has cancer and for Bob and Mary.  Also for Maura Koutijian and her family.  THANK YOU
Pray for happy adaptation between Sisters of St. Sulpice and Sisters of Oasis de Paix , Pierrefonds, Montreal.  Merci
Please Pray
Please pray for the total recovery of Sr. Agnes Rose and Sr. Theresa Stanek ... may they be very okay SOON! THANKS.
We Thank God
We thank God today for the birth of our Mother Foundress, ST MARY EUPHRASIA and for ST IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA, the Founder of the Society of Jesus and we thank God for the GOODNESS and the HOLINESS of EACH ONE of us!  GOOD IS GOOD!  ALL THE TIME!  Our GOD IS GOOD!
Please pray for the urgent intentions of Dr Lucy Campos --  BLESSINGS
Please pray for the financial intentions of Sony Motwani -- THANKS
Payer Intentions
Please pray for the intentions of DOUGLAS SCHULTE. Thank you.
For Healing
  I got a request for prayers  for Tim, a 45 year old man with three young sons who has a rare form of cancer and  has been told there is nothing they can do for him.  Please pray for  Tim and his family. Also for  Meaghan and Katie who suffered concussions. For Elizabeth who hs an infection that it will clear up soon.   Thank You  
Dear God
Please ask all the contemplatives to be with us during these days ... on the 22nd of July at 1.00 am. thieves (4 men) entered our convent and broke the doors ... They threatened us: asking for money, mobile phones, laptops ... and when they had all they wanted, they put us into one room and left ... Now our new house is again in need of repairs ... God bless us all ... Love from Kenya
Dear God
Please HEAL our dear contemplative sister, CELESTE ENGUTAN (Tagaytay, Philippines) who is very, very ill in the hospital ... You always listen to our poor prayers ... THANK YOU
Prayer for Healing
My friend whose husband has Alzheimer called to say that they got him into a hospice which is a miracle so thank you for praying for him but if he stabilizes they will send him home so please pray that God will take him home as his wife is worn out and he is getting harder and harder to handle every day. Also, please pray for two young girls, Katie and Meghan who have severe symptoms form concussions that they will respond to treatment. For Deane, who has had her children taken away form her. THANKS SO MUCH