Virac, Catanduanes
for a deepened Christian life in preparation for the Ruby Jubilee of the Archdiocese
for Suzanne and the success of her clemency petition.  Thank You
for Irene and her baby and her family.  Thank You.
for Maureen and her 4-year old.  Desperate for help!  Thanks!
Great Graces
for God's tremendous graces on Maureen and Brian.  Thanks
Ellen Patton
Please pray for the well-being and continued recovery to good health of Ellen Patton.  For her family, especially her sister.  Thank you
Nancy Folchetti
Please pray for Mrs. Nancy Folchetti - Continued good health.  THANKS
for all the intentions of Elizabeth Peabody -- for her clients and ministry.  Thanks.
for a successful and joy-filled pregnancy.  Thank you
For PEACE of Soul on Hazel; on Andy and their 2 young children, continued Blessings.
Thanksgiving Blessings
Please pray for PEACE on the Di-Tomasso family on Thanksgiving Day
Cassandra Martyrs
Please join the Good Shepherd Philippine Province as it celebrates the 30th anniversary of the death of 4 Sisters in the MV Cassandra sinking.  Thank you.
Final Vows
Please join in prayer and thanksgiving SR MARIA ANA CIELO BALITA MATULOY as she professes her Final Vows on Nov 21 in the Philippines.  Thank you
Christopher Cunningham
Please pray for Christopher Cunningham of Quincy, MA.
Request prayers for:
blessings for a special meeting on Nov. 12; for MARY who has multiple issues.  Thank you soooo much.
Prayers please for:
Dolores McGrae and Diane Gail's intentions; for Marie Carey's adopted boys who are seriously disturbed -- for the right decisions.
Please Pray:
for Thomas, 10-year old boy with serious cancer; for Carol DiGiacomo who is dying without much time left for her family.  Thank you
For continued blessings on SR ELBA and all her care takers.  Thank you.
We ask God for a safe vacation and a safe move for our family and to keep sacred these journeys of faith.
For continued blessings on JOANNE. Good health, lots of energy and a long, blessed life.