URGENT Prayers
please, for RYAN HANKEY; for his wife and parents.  For JEAN who is awaiting cancer test results.  Thank you so much!
Please pray
Please pray that I may fully refund funds from BLP, RTC, Southkids
Urgent prayers please
Please pray for Marcia who is depressed; for Barbara with back injury; the Koutpujian family for the sudden death of their father; for Stacey; for Mary who has a progressive brain disease and Ann who is going blind in one eye.  THANK YOU
Please pray for M
I have pains in my right abdomen and have back pains too. I am afraid. Please pray there is nothing serious. I am seeing an internist later. I am worried for the expenses, too. Insular Life, our health care provider might not shoulder expenses, but I am praying, I won’t be operated. Thanks much
Please Pray Pray Pray
for Robert Kevin Dunn, Mary Elizabeth Dunn Thomas, Ann Marie Dunn, Jonathan Corbett Thomas and Emily Joyce Dunn that their faith in a merciful God who is Love will give them strength and comfort at this time.  Thanks
SPECIAL intentions
please pray for SR ELIZABETH and her family, especially for KAYE RIEBSCHLAEGER's  family whose son, Christopher was found dead.  An autopsy is being done.  THANK YOU
Please pray for BOB BEAIRSTO and for the consolation of his family.  Thank You.
Prayers please
for Artie Jachowski -- stage 3 cancer. THanks
Super typhoon
Please pray for the safety of my family (AESO, CMJO, EJO) and the entire Filipino nation from the super typhoon, Hagupit. May the typhoon lose its strength and spare our country."
Prayers requested for a lady having a nasty divorce. Proceedings on Dec. 8. For little Hattie's continued recovery. Thank you
Prayers please
Please pray for Mrs. Garrity and Michael and the White family esp. Mary Lyons. Please pray for all the intentions of Joanne. Thank You.
Eddie and Annette Cruz- please pray for financial blessings. God Bless!
Prayers please
For a peace-filled death for Barbara Jean. For her family especially her mother. Thank You
Please Pray
For a friend who is undergoing a nasty divorce. For Kenny. THANK YOU and a HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all!
Please pray for Lee, Eileen's husband who is very ill; John Gagnon and Nancy. Thanks"
Prayers for Healing
Please pray for Bruce Stenberg of Quincy, MA for quick healing from surgery.
Prayers Please
for Tabatha and the important choices she makes and her mother; for Lindsay and the desperate situation she is in; for Joanie and the Martin family and for the staff, volunteers and clients ofMaria Droste Services in Quincy.  Thanks sooooo much!
Please pray
that our country, our schools and our homes be safe and grow in honest, caring love.
Thank you
Thank you very much Sisters for your prayers! 1. Erick’s trip to Thailand was safe and fun! Please continue to pray for the other petitions. God bless sisters. You are also being remembered in our prayers and masses.
Please Pray
Please pray for and with SR. FRANCES MARIE ELLUL. may Bl Maria Droste intercede for her total healing and comfort. Thank You