prayers please
for JOE McGOVERN -- for his continued recovery and total healing.  Thanks
prayer request
Please pray for Jana: for PEACE and WHOLENESS
for total healing for MICHAEL BARRONNE; for his wife Barbara.  Also, for MARY BLAKE and a correct diagnosis.  THANKS
Please pray for MGC who would like to retire....if he is able to afford it.   Some obstacles just now... Also please pray for my Grandson, Thor, who will be going away to college in August.
I need one more big time prayer. Her name is Alexandra, she is in her early thirties and she is suffering from polycystic kidney disease. She also has lots of emotional issues.
Urgent Intercessory Prayer Request for
Divine intervention in a serious legal problem; for money, so that I can pay my bills. THANK YOU
for all those who have called asking for prayers:  for the BOYLE family; for CAMPOT and Diane Gall's intentions.  Thank You.
for JOHN and NANCY as care and support continue to be given to JOHN.  THANLS
Prayers please
for SANDY and for all the intentions of ANN and PAULINE.  Thanks.
Prayers please
for the FASHION SHOW at Maria Droste Services in Quincy.  Thank you
Blessings of PEACE and HOPE for Ana del Moral.  Thank you.
Please pray
for all the intentions of JOSEPH BRAGANZA
Madre querida
cubrela con tu santo manto.  Por Jesus Cristo nuestro señor
Te ruego la liberes y las lleves
hasta donde ti y le concédas que ella te ame y te sirva toda su vida.
Por favor incluyan a mi hija Marie en sus oraciones
quien esta atrapada por el enemigo en las drogas y el acohol.
Mi divino y amado señor te ruego
que sanes a mi hija Marie quien esta atrapada por el enemigo en las drogas y el alcohol. 
Please pray for the Philipines
Super typhoon “Maysak” is hitting the Philippines April 2.  Please pray that our country be spared from further typhoons, strong winds.  Our country has always been hit by super typhoons. God bless thanks very much!
Slow Recovery....
Prayer Intention? A Cry for Mercy in a Darken World!mSlow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son and Other(Financial misery,health issues & Other Losses and Deaths..) Ongoing Sorrows
prayer request
Please pray that the Lord will bless and guide my every step in searching for a good husband and give me very much patience and strength in my long waiting, that is not easy. Thanks.God bless you. Jana
Pray for Someone in Need
for Denise who is struggling and needs spiritual support and healing. THANKS. Joyce